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Dr Clark

Dr Clark’s practice is dedicated to the comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment of breast cancer and disease, as well as diagnosis and management of high risk patients.


At the Ironwood Breast Center surgical oncology, radiation oncology and medical oncology treatments are delivered by your team at the same location, along with participation in our established integrative services. A diagnosis of cancer is life changing and Ironwood’s seasoned support staff is there to guide you through this journey. Dr Clark is a nationally recognized breast surgeon who has teamed with the respected oncologists and program at the Ironwood Cancer and Research Centers. Ironwood’s oncologists are recognized by their peers and are regularly featured by Phoenix Magazine as Top Docs. Our multidisciplinary approach is personalized and is designed to eliminate delays and miscommunication.  Dr Clark is additionally trained to perform oncoplastic procedures which combine plastic surgery techniques with traditional oncologic surgical techniques to reshape the breast at the time of lumpectomy to reduce cosmetic deformity and reduce the need for mastectomy.

Features of our program

  • Surgical Oncology including Oncoplastic Surgery
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Medical Oncology
  • Certified Genetic Counselor
  • Registered Dietitian and Nutrition
  • Oncology Social Worker
  • Tai Chi, Acupuncture and wide selection of wellness classes
  • Integrative Services
  • Support Groups
  • Wig and Bra Boutique
  • Boutique office setting convenient to highway and hospitals
  • Clinical Trials and Research

Latest Services


Breast Cancer Management
Breast conservation using advanced breast surgery techniques


Oncoplastic Breast Conservation
Plastic surgery techniques, such as breast reduction and mastopexy done at the time of a lumpectomy to reduce deformity and scar

Dr Clark

Educational Resources for Patients
Information about breast cancer, links to treatment guidelines and to educational sites of prominent breast surgeons featuring advice about lifestyle changes, risk factors, and more.

Eliminating cancer is not enough.

A woman’s function and body image matter. For most women, there is no survival advantage to mastectomy. By using oncoplastic techniques such as breast reduction or mastopexy at the time of lumpectomy, selected women with larger tumors or more complex disease can now have complete removal of their cancer and still have a good cosmetic result.

While Dr Clark personally performs oncoplastic procedures, high quality plastic surgery consultation is available for all women requiring reconstruction from mastectomy, and to optimize outcomes in selected women undergoing oncoplastic procedures.  Surgery can be performed on the other breast to provide symmetry. We don’t want the breast to be a reminder of cancer in years to come.

Procedures include prophylactic mastectomy with immediate reconstruction (including nipple-sparing mastectomy) for BRCA carriers and cancer patients, oncoplastic lumpectomy and reconstruction, sentinel node biopsy, reverse axillary mapping (which may hold promise to lymphedema risk) as well as treatment of cysts and benign disease. High risk surveillance is offered.

Ultrasound guided needle-core biopsies are comfortably performed in the office. When necessary, neoadjuvant chemotherapy is offered to reduce tumor size to avoid mastectomy and make breast conservation possible. Dr. Clark has performed oncoplastic procedures since 2006 and lectures and teaches these techniques nationally. She also offers second opinions and will work collaboratively with other surgeons to ensure patients receive the care they want and deserve in the setting in which they are comfortable.

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